12 months to go from DREAM to DONE

$175 USD per month

  • Joyful Workshops

    A supportive 2-hour virtual co-writing workshop on the first Saturday of every month. Value = $60 monthly.

  • 1-to-1 Mentorship

    A celebratory one-to-one mentorship session with Megan every month to suit your schedule. Value = $120.00 each month.

  • Community & Critique

    Weekly support via our online community space PLUS manuscript critiques at 5-month and 11-month mark (including 5 to 7 page report). Value = $700+!

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Tell me...

What's your writing dream?

What's up for grabs...

I get that this is a big investment (an investment in your DREAMS AKA the best kind). Trust me when I say that the support you'll get will be equally as BIG. You will receive ALL this juicy goodness:

  • A monthly video from me to inspire you and celebrate the joyful work you'll be doing.

  • A monthly virtual co-writing workshop (which will be 1pm-3pm UK time on the first Saturday of every month).

  • A monthly one-to-one mentorship session with me, which we will organise to suit your schedule. These can be by telephone or video chat depending on your preference.

  • A community space where we can all chat, share what we are working on and generally cherish each other to pieces!

  • TWO opportunities to submit your work to me for critique at the 5-month mark and 11-month mark. I'll produce a 5-7 page report (each time) full of friendly guidance.

  • ...and probably a load of other treats because my love language is to SHARE ALL THE RESOURCES! <3

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Is the programme for you?

Possibly not. A Joyful Year of Writing is about DOING.

We will be making, shaping and honing the dream you bring to the programme (though, naturally, it is OK if you have a revelation and change projects part way through). For that reason it *is* for you if you’ve an idea in mind you want to complete. It *is not* for you if you’re not sure what you would work on. Pre-enroll to get a taster and to download the application form now (only 8 spaces and when they are gone they are gone!).

Starting September 1st 2021

Only 8 spaces!

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  • “I want to join the group, but I’m not sure my idea is right / ‘big’ enough / suited to the programme…”

    If it’s a writing-based dream that you want to get done in the next 12 months - then it’s well suited! This might be something traditional like a novel or non-fiction book, OR it might be an e-course or programme you want to write. It might be a small series of mini-books. It might be getting a proposal together for a non-fiction project that you want to pitch to agents. It might be a portfolio of articles that you want to send around to magazines. It might be writing up an academic article, or a project you’ve been asked to put together for work. I’ve got experience in all of these and so can offer targeted mentorship and guidance. As for the community support - the more variety in our projects, the better, because the more we will learn from one another.

  • “I can’t make the live monthly workshop because I’m in a different time zone. Should I still apply?”

    While I am in the UK, we’ve already got one applicant from Canada for 2021/22 so - with a democratic vote from the final cohort - we can find a time for our workshop that suits us all, wherever we are in the world. Email me if you're unsure and let me know where you are.

  • “I’m motivated to get started, but not sure if I’ll be ready for critique in 5 months.”

    Never fear! Just email me about alternative pricing plans, which can exclude the critique for a lower monthly price. That way, if the mentorship, workshops and community support are the main draws for you - you only need to pay for those. Then, if you do decide you want a professional critique from me when the time comes, that will still be offered (completely optionally) for a one-off separate fee.

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Dr Megan C Hayes

I am equal parts Author, Researcher & Relentless Optimist, fascinated with words and how words create wellbeing. My MSc and PhD each explored the links between writing, psychology & happiness. I lectured in Creative Writing for several years, helping to set up the UK's first MA Creative Writing & Wellbeing, as well as gaining a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching in Higher Education (Academic Professional).


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I'll be honoured to share this 12-month journey with you. I am only ever at the other end of an email before, during and after the course. If you have questions, write to me: megan@meganchayes.com 💌
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